Get Involved

The Basics for Getting Involved

People may get involved in K9 SARA with different levels of participation. Interested parties may choose which level of involvement they wish to pursue. We encourage you to join us for training sessions prior to deciding on the level of involvement and applying.



Members of the unit are trained to the point of being search ready. By becoming a member you commit to dedicating time to training as a team as well as gaining and developing the necessary skills that could possibly be needed on deployment. These skills would typically include navigation, first aid, good physical fitness, helicopter training, and communications, as well as guiding and interpreting your dog’s reactions on a search.

Members are not required to have a qualified dog. These members are typically used as flankers for the dog-handler teams and may accompany them on operations. Members who are in the process of qualifying dogs typically also serve as flankers until successful qualification.

Stryder and Kyle involved in a search
Search Team Stryder Kyle


K9 SARA does not expect every interested person to become a member. If you are interested in the unit and would like to be involved at a level that does not require the commitment, becoming a supporter is the way to go. As a supporter, you determine your level of involvement.

Typical supporting roles include dogsbodies (people used to hide in the search area and simulate the lost person), event helpers (assist at the expos and demos), or general supporters who can choose to contribute in any way they see fit. Supporters are always welcome at the “supporter-friendly” training sessions and will be informed of any activity in the unit.


Donors & Sponsors

The K9 SARA team consists solely of volunteers. In this light, donations and sponsorships, irrespective of value, are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. Any donation or sponsorship will be used to assist the units in growth and development. Support is typically needed for:

  • Equipment for the dogs
  • Equipment for the handlers
  • Training for the teams (Searching techniques, helicopter training, etc)
  • Logistics
  • Specialised training for the handlers and the dogs (first aid, special skills training)
  • Securing safe venues to use as training sites

If you are interested in contributing to the unit, please contact us.

Search dog - Pepsi - Getting Involved
One of the search dogs in the Gauteng team (Pepsi)